Our Story

Have you ever looked at the ingredients in your typical bar of soap and thought what in the world are these ingredients and why can I not pronounce any of them? Is it too much to ask for to be able to pronounce what I put on my body? Our mission is to bring back real natural soap with straight-forward ingredients. Thus Dr. Black Bear was born. We are driven by a passion for making natural products and a realization that there were few companies out there making real natural soap specifically for men. Our founder, Zachariah Morris, perfected manly soap - simple, natural, and handcrafted for you. Our soaps were husband crafted and wife approved, which resulted in a significant increase in the amount of nights getting some and perhaps brought the cute soap loving baby pictured above into the world. I tip my hat to you, Dr. Black Bear!

We are a small town company that firmly believes our dream lives in our soap’s ability to let men live out their best lives. We acknowledge that what we put on our body can impact the way we feel. Our native Michigan Black Bear embodies the spirit of our company. Much like the Black Bear roam vast lands, we also enjoy adventure and living an active lifestyle. The forests, lakes, rivers, and islands are a part of us as we are a part of them. If Lion King taught us anything, it's the circle of life. We value and respect the earth our ingredients come from and we believe sustainability is Dr. Black Bear's responsibility, from the earth, to the suds of lather on your body, back to the earth.

Soap-Making Process: Our bar soaps are carefully handmade using the "Cold-Process" method. Lye is mixed with water, and our blend of natural base oils and butters (Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, and Shea Butter). The lye combines with the oils during the process and causes the oils to "Saponify," hardening over time. When the soap is completely cured, there is very little or no lye in the soap as it is naturally removed during the process. "Cold-Process" also means our bars are Saponified without added heat and take weeks to cure/harden before they are ready for you to whiff and lather your body with. Each bar of our soap contain exfoliants that are both healthy and exciting. Our soap-making process produces true, natural soap that retains all of the vegetable glycerin that is often stripped in commercially made soaps to be used in other products such as moisturizers. Conventional soap has it's place - the laundry because it is essentially detergent and last time I checked we are not laundry. Through much experimentation, we formulated the perfect recipe where all of the ingredients compliment each other, allowing your skin to feel the natural moisturization benefits of Dr. Black Bear soap.